Basic HTML Skill Tester

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How to write HTML comments ?

How to write an area tag ?

How to write superscript text ?

How to show codes ?

The ___ tag defines a standard cell in an HTML table.

How to declare aside ?

Which of the following Unpaired tags ?

What are the rules of writing HTML tags ?

How to write unordered list ?

How to defines a paragraph ?

How to write bold text in html ?

____ tag defines sample output from a computer program.

How to add a hyperlink ?

Which of the following is the main part of the table ?

How to declare predefined values in a data list.

How to write details ?

How to declare code ?

What language is HTML ?

How to declare Iframe ?

What language is HTML ?

Where to write meta ?

How to declare form SELECT field ?

The ____ tag is used to define style information for an HTML document.

জাভাস্ক্রিপ্ট বন্ধ থাকলে নিচে কোন ট্যাগের টেক্সক্ট দেখাবে ?

How to write html Attributes ?

Which is the biggest heading ?

How to declare form ?

How to declare head ?

The ____ tag is used to group header content in an HTML table.

How to add photo captions ?

How to declare table caption ?

How to declare footer ?

Which of the following is declared HTML time ?

How to write address ?

Which of the following is the HTML element ?

How to declare link ?

How to write deleted text in html ?

How to write emphasized text in html ?

The ___ tag represents the progress of a task.

How many types of HTML tag ?

How to declare form labels ?

How many headings are there in HTML ?

How to declare meter ?

HTML web pages can be read and rendered by____.

How to embedded flash animation ?

How to declare form input field ?

How to set navigation links ?

Which one of the following is to define a part ?

Which tags to use to embed multimedia on a web page ?

Which tag shows the counting results ?

Who invented HTML ?

There are differences between html tags and elements ?

How to write the Ordered List ?

How to add photo ?

Where do you write the HTML page title ?

The ____ tag provides a way to add a hook to a part of a text or a part of a document.

How to write subscribe text ?

How to write strong text in html ?

How to declare Group related elements in a form ?

How to declare audio ?

How to declare article ?

How to declare line break ?

How to declare preformatte ?

How to declare © ?

The ____ tag is used to group footer content in an HTML table.

Where is the visible information ?

How to write an Button tag ?

How to declare canvas ?

Which tag below is used to define the parameters of linked plugins with the <object > element ?

The ____ tag is used to specify multiple media resources for media elements.

Which is the smallest heading ?

Which of the following tags ?

How to declare base ?

How to add a map ?

Which is the HTML update version ?

How to declare drop-down list with four options ?

How to write highlighted text in html ?

HTML is the programming language.

An HTML table is defined with the ______ tag.

How to declare web page division ?

How to write short name ?

How to mark up the defining instance of a term ?

The ____ tag defines a header cell in an HTML table.

____ element that defines what to show for browsers that not support ruby annotations.

The ____ tag specifies a ruby annotation.

Which is used to add audio and video ?

Which of the following are the types of HTML tags ?

When is the HTML discovered ?

The ____ element is the root element of an HTML page.

How to add Radio Button in the form ?

How to write italic text ?

Which of the following is used to show the drop down list in the group ?

How to specifies the main content of a document ?

How to declare list ?

How to write short quotation text in html ?

How to declare text area ?

How to write Bi-Directional Override tag ?

How to declare article header ?

Which of the following tag automatically creates line breaks ?

The ____ tag defines a visible heading for the <details> element.

How to define a row in an HTML table with the following.

How to declare keyboard input ?

How to declare meta ?

How to declare heading ?

Which tag is written delete text ?

Which of the following are Paired tags ?

How to declare ® ?

Which tag below helps to show an image beautifully ?

What is the HTML File Extension ?

How to write description list ?

How do you define a work title ?

How to write insert text ?

How to declare title?

How to declare legend ?

The ____ tag defines an option in a select list.

How to Add Mark Text ?

How to declare thematic break ?

How to write Bi-Directional Isolation tag?

The ____ tag tells the browser that this is an HTML document.

When is HTML first published ?

How to declare HTML5 ?

How to declare video ?

How to write small text in html ?

The ____ tag specifies a ruby annotation.

The ____ tag is used to define a client-side script.

Which of the following is declared HTML multi-line text input ?

How to declare variable in HTML ?

What is the full form of HTML ?