International Education System

International Education System (IES) is an imaginary system of Shyamol Singha. By this system programming language can be made. This system will be able to make students educated/skilled like educational institutions.

Characteristics of Imaginary IES

  • 1. All of the student / students have equal right to receive education.
  • 2. Everyone can get education free of cost.
  • 3. Able to provide equivalent education like educational institutions.
  • 4. Students’ skill can be examined.
  • 5. Result will be published according to skill.
  • 6. Faults and errors of students can be highlighted.
  • 7. Can provide the right direction to correct students’ faults and errors.
  • 8. Can provide right direction to the students to improve the knowledge and skill on the topic.
  • 9. Will be able to inform the students what they have learned by studying the subject.

IES Application

  • The application that has all the characteristics of IES can be called an IES application.

How to create an IES application

  • IES Application can be made by using any programming language.
  • IES application can be created by following the way that is followed in educational institutions to teach students.
  • The Application will be more suitable if the IES Application will be created by using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The following work will be possible with the IES Application

  • 1. By using IES Application it can be made skilled/educated the students in different subjects without any cost as the educational institutions.
  • 2. By using IES Application it can be spread education easily in the remote area.

What Happened if IES Become Successful

  • 1. Financial cost of the students will be decreased.
  • 2. The valuable time of the students will be saved.
  • 3. Education will be spread rapidly.
  • 4. Education rate will be increased rapidly.
  • 5. The quality of education will increase.
  • 6. Considering only the education process, internet can be compared to the well- established educational institutions (in the field of web application).
  • 7. The importance of internet will be increased to the people of the world.
  • 8. Internet will be more informative.
  • 9. One great teacher can spared his knowledge to all the people of the world by using IES Application.
  • 10. The sufferings of our great teachers will be decreased.
  • 11. If an application developer is able to get an full expertise on this subject and develop an IES application on that subject and make skilled/educate the students, it seems that he may achieve the honor like a great teacher.