The WDguideline.com helps one to learn Web Development with the right guidance. For example, before learning Web Development every novice Developer must have general knowledge about computer and internet but most of them are not aware of their skills or the mistakes in their skills on computer and internet. Basic IT Skill Tester shows the faults in the novice Developer’s skill by tests and gives proper instructions to improve the skill and also notifies whether the person has the ability to learn Web Development. Learning Web Development means to learn web languages. After being skilled of one language, one should start studying other language. A novice Developer gets to know through Skill Tester his/her skill level on a language or whether he/she has gained the ability to study the next language or not. After test if there are mistakes found in novice Developer’s skill then it will notify what steps should be taken to improve the skill and whether he/she is capable of learning the next language or not. Not only of the novice, it can identify the faults of a Web Developer and give direction to improve skill.

For novice Web Developer:

First, test your skill by Basic IT skill Tester. After being skilled on Basic Computer and Basic IT start studying on Web Development. Before starting study on Web Development learn the details of Web Development. If you wish you can learn about Web Development in detail from the tutorial given below:
Details about Web Development
Details about Web Development (Video)

The tasks Skill Tester can do

1. Can test the skill of Web Development through questions.
2. Can give result according to the skill.
3. Can identify faults of a Developer.
4. Can give directions/instructions to reform faults.
5. Can give directions to improve skills.
6. Can inform whether one has the skill to learn the next language or not.

The way you will test your skill:

Answer the question which you know.
Answer about the code which you have learned and written.

Do not answer by guessing.
The result get by guessing is not an appropriate answer.