Learn Web Development Easily

Students who want to learn Web Development, I (WDguideline.com) guide them to learn Web Development. Before learning Web Development, it is important for every student to have general knowledge about computer and internet, but most students do not know their skill about computer and internet and can not know what is wrong with their own skills. I examine the skill of the beginner web developer and find out the faults and errors and provide them right direction. I also inform them if there are enough skills to learn Web Development. Learning Web Development means you have to learn one to another language one after one and after learning a language you have to learn another language. I indicate the faults and errors if there is any fault in his learning I try to solve the problem.

For the Beginner Web Developer

At first learn details about web development from the book Programming Career Guideline written by Shyamol Singha. Then test your skill by Basic IT Skill Tester. Study with web development after being skilled in basic computer and basic IT.

Activities of Skill Tester

1. Examine the skill of the beginner Web Developers.
2. Publish the result on skill.
3. Indicate the faults and errors of the beginner Web Developers.
4. Provide guidance to make correction of the faults and errors.
5. Inform them about the skill of learning the next language.

How You Examine Your Skill

1. Answer the questions that you know.
2. Answer the question about code that you have learned and wrote.
3. Please do not answer by guessing or on prediction.
4. The result and guidance that you will be provided it will not correct if you answer the questions on guess.